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Pertinent Question!

video-sound performative architectures


    "PERTINENT QUESTION!" Is an artistic idea on the perception and management of time, open on the relationship between natural and artificial. The time, which seems to be out of our control leaving us helpless observers. The sounds are interwoven with images, fast-paced lead to new awareness ... The result opens a window of hope on their individual responsibilities ...  and their ability to change

The performance

    The performance is conceived in the form of "Suite". Starting from a sound during a live performance, percussive rhythmic lines build a performance  of improvisation and arrangement closely related to the images.

duration: 40 '

  Demo Live on YouTube:

Sounds and Visions

Audio-Video performance


"The idea starts from our own urgent need, as individuals and citizens of the world, to give voice through music and images, the sense of impotence and hopelessness that prevails in today's global society.

This action has requested the questioning of our beliefs, giving space to creative freedom that expresses the hope and the desire to affirm the possibility of their 'man carried together with the other men in the unit, compare and participation.

Communication and dialogue are essential conditions of inner freedom can be achieved. Recognizing the meaning and value dell 'Arte, it is possible to restore dignity to the awareness of life weaving reason and emotion, culture and discovery, insight and profit. "

The Performance

Sounds and Visions The event is set up as a suite and therefore no interruption time. The story, based on current topics social changes from one situation to another, causing the viewer to a progressive emotional involvement. The route is marked by the execution of ten songs in close relationship with the images. Another element of the performance is the video-art real great-looking video broadcast on screen, canvas, walls and any other objects. Sio performs live percussionist and a possible performer. The structure of the project, according to the ever-changing environmental requirements and narrative is intended to stabilireuna conscious relationship with the public. This is because through the modern feel and with the tools of modern communication, the show wants to awaken the most authentic spirit of researce.

duration:  1 hour

  Demo Live on YouTube: